"AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor"

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Company Overview

By means of Introduction, we are pleased to mention that experience of many years in the financial markets, the know-how and proficiency in most of the financial products and asset classes, having worked with some of the leading financial firms, building their assets and protecting their securities, has made us capable to be your “Financial Advisor” And that is also the foundation of our entrepreneur “Swastik Capital LLP” with the motive to plan your future.

Being your “financial advisor”, this is our duty to answer all your financial queries because in your daily life you have to make any financial decisions or deal with confusions related to your savings, your taxes, your liabilities & assets, so we constantly try to justify the role of a financial advisor.

You can have talked with us through any media on different relatable topics like Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Real Estate, Mutual Fund, Retirement Planning, Insurance, FDs, and many more.

To make you familiarize with us, it is essential to give a brief about Swastik Capital LLP which is founded by two partners: Sumit Bhargava and Amit Singh Verma. Please have a look for a while:

Amit Singh Verma

Having total experience of more than 15 years in the Financial Sector, expertise in Credit, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, NRI Segment, and Corporate Banking.

Sumit Bhargava

Having total experience of more than 15 years in financial sector, expertise in handling IFA (Mutual Fund Distributor), HNI Client, Corporate wealth management

Then after mutual consent of both of us, we founded & developed Swastik Capital LLP, which constantly tries to understand the client first, their profile, and the trinity of risk, return and liquidity, Perform financial planning including investments, tax, risk review, and estate planning.

Mission / Vision

To deliver excellent, long-term investment services to the clients through managing their portfolios and enhancing their assets. We undertook to provide you services as your Own Financial Planner. Let’s plan your future together.